LIGHTFAIR 2016: Dow Corning to Showcase Cutting-Edge Optical Silicone Solutions

Dow Corning, a global leader in silicones, silicon-based technology and innovation, will present an exclusive glimpse of upcoming products and technologies at LIGHTFAIR® International 2016 (Booth #3657), and showcase new advances in LED lamp and luminaire lighting that its broad commercial portfolio of cutting-edge optical silicone solutions are enabling worldwide.

“Three years ago, Dow Corning’s optical silicones technology sparked a surge of breakthrough innovations in LED lighting designs, and the demand for these uniquely advanced materials has only grown as the industry seeks to maintain the momentum they have helped build,” said Hugo da Silva, global industry director for LED lighting at Dow Corning. “Dow Corning is as committed as ever to working closely with customers to expand on their early successes, and formulate new optical silicone solutions to help them usher in the next-generation of LED illumination.”

Dow Corning will offer an early glimpse at LIGHTFAIR 2016 of at least one of those upcoming optical silicone solutions – Dow Corning® MS-4002 Moldable Silicone. Planned for launch later this year, this high-performing material signals the latest advance in the company’s award-winning Moldable Silicone portfolio. Currently in development and testing, MS-4002 Moldable Silicone aims to offer the optimum balance of material toughness for reaching high IP and IK ratings, high light transmittance rate and smooth surface feel for secondary optics in LED lamp and luminaire applications for both indoor and outdoor.

As the global leader in silicone innovation and technology, Dow Corning is changing the game for LED design, and the company will show exactly how during LIGHTFAIR 2016. The booth will feature the company’s broad and growing range of proven solutions at three corner kiosks, focusing on:

  • Dow Corning® Moldable Silicones, where visitors can explore how these materials are delivering proven solutions for enhancing the optical quality, efficiency and reliability of lamp and luminaire designs
  • Protection & Assembly Solutions, where customer products illustrate how Dow Corning’s innovative silicone protection, assembly and optical solutions have helped develop products with longer life cycles and greater efficiency in outdoor/architectural, interior/specialty, display and automotive lighting applications
  • Silicone-Enabled Designs demonstrating new ways to shape, direct and diffuse light more efficiently with Dow Corning Optical Silicones. Visitors can also explore how silicone materials have expanded innovative design possibilities as LumenFlow Corp. takes them step by step through the LED design ideas process

In addition to offering an exclusive sneak peek at upcoming technologies, Dow Corning Lighting experts will be on hand to discuss the unique design flexibilities, proven reliability and simpler processability enabled by Dow Corning’s optical silicones. A market leader in materials, expertise and collaborative innovation for LED lighting concepts, Dow Corning offers solutions that span the entire LED value chain, adding reliability and efficiency for sealing, protecting, adhering, cooling and shaping light across all lighting applications.

LIGHTFAIR International is the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference. Held at San Diego’s Convention Center from April 26-28, this year’s edition is expected to attract over 28,000 design, lighting, architectural, design, engineering, energy, facility and industry professionals from around the world to set future trends for lighting, design and technology innovation.


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