NAB 2016: Inneos to Use Semtech’s UHDTV Products for Fiber- Optic Technology Demonstration

Semtech Corporation, a leading supplier of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors, announced today that Inneos, a leading supplier of optical subsystems, will use its industry leading chipset for quad channel SR optical interconnects for a fiber-optic technology demonstration at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show on April 18-21 in Semtech’s booth N5024 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Semtech 48G UHDTV Products Integrated into Inneos Fiber-optic Technology Demonstration at NAB Show 2016. (Graphic: Business Wire)

The Inneos technology demonstration, utilizing Semtech’s GN1090 and GN1190, will feature the multiplexing and demultiplexing of four 12G UHD-SDI video streams onto a single 48Gb CWDM fiber optic link in accordance with SMPTE’s proposed ST 297-2 standard for multi-link 1.5G, 3G, 6G and 12G-SDI over CWDM fiber optic connections.

The GN1090 is a quad channel transimpedance amplifier (TIA), and the GN1190 is a quad channel vertical cavity surface emitting laser driver. This chipset is designed in leading-edge CMOS technology, enabling industry-leading performance at low power dissipation and with a high level of integration. A full suite of on-chip features minimizes external components and speeds up module hardware and firmware development.

“The Inneos team has once again created a cost-effective method for transmitting high-bandwidth video signals without sacrificing signal integrity,” said Brian Peters, Chief Executive Officer, Inneos. “The 48-Gb video technology we’re showing at NAB utilizes SMPTE’s proposed ST-297-2 standard and will help accelerate the deployment of UHDTV-1 and 4K D-Cinema infrastructures – including High Dynamic Range (HDR) and High Frame Rate (HFR) - and UHDTV-2 (8K). It also allows for the concatenation of up to 32 x 1.5G-SDI, 16 x 3G-SDI, 8 x 6G-SDI or 4 12G-SDI streams over a single fiber.”

“UHD-SDI is the broadcast industry’s only standardized UHDTV interface,” said Gary Beauchamp, Executive Vice President and General Manager for Semtech’s Signal Integrity Product Group. “We’re pleased that Inneos has utilized the GN1090 and GN1190 in its high performance optical technology and has recognized the need for industry standardized UHDTV interfaces that support SMPTE’s proposed ST297-2 standard.”

Semtech’s UHD-SDI products feature ultra-low power consumption and provide industry-leading performance at 12Gbps rates. UHD-SDI is ideal for UHDTV infrastructures, including routers, cameras, monitors, switchers and more. It offers pristine image quality, is backwards compatible with existing SDI systems and is standardized by both the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), simplifying UHDTV infrastructure upgrades and reducing risk for broadcasters.

Key Features of the GN1090 & the GN1190

  • Multi-standard operation: 1Gbps to 14.5Gbps rates for increased design flexibility and a wider range of end-product applications.
  • Industry leading power dissipation simplifies module and system thermal management.
  • Highly integrated CMOS chipset with full suite of alarms, monitoring and test features that reduce (or eliminate) the need for an expensive MCU, enable faster time-to-market with reduced need for firmware design and aid in module debug and production test.
  • Advanced feature set: Output pre-emphasis for compensating for long PCB trace lengths, simplifying PCB optimization and input trace equalization to compensate for long input trace lengths.
  • Ultra-high transimpedance gain (GN1090) eliminates need for a post amplifier.
  • GN1090 input sensitivity supports both SR and LR optical links.

Key Features of Inneos Technology

  • 48 Gbps (4x12Gb) video on one Multimode fiber.
  • Uncompressed video transmission over 300m distance with enough bandwidth to transmit UHDTV-1 and 4K D-Cinema including High Dynamic Range (HDR) and High Frame Rate (HFR); UHDTV-2 8K60 4:2:2 10-bit; up to 32 x 1.5G-SDI streams, 16 x 3G-SDI streams, 8 x 6G-SDI streams or 4 12G-SDI streams, over a single strand of fiber.



The GN1090 and GN1190 are available now. Semtech offers comprehensive design assistance, including field- and factory-based support. Data sheets, volume pricing and delivery quotes, as well as evaluation kits and samples, are available at


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