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ASAlaser’s New Application Method for Functional Laser Therapy Reduces Pain from First Sitting

Welcoming "global approach", a therapeutic method that, by promoting the simultaneous treatment of the affected area by pathology and the connected zones, reduces pain from the first sitting, also with a significant beneficial action on the inflammation. Result? Full recovery in a short period of time.

Research, training experience and direct discussions with physiotherapy professionals already using Hilterapia® and MLS® Laser Therapy: thanks to the combination of these three factors, ASAlaser, a company active for over 30 years in the research and production of laser therapy for physiotherapy, has developed a new application method for functional laser therapy to reduce pain from the first sitting. The "global approach ", this is the name of the method, promoting the simultaneous treatment of the pathology base area and connected zones - often affected by further problems such as contractions and trigger points.

Editor's note - it acts on the rapid elimination of painful symptoms, highlighting a significant beneficial action even on inflammation and the problems that it causes.

Through the application of the "global approach", it assists with loosening up and resolution, in a short period of time, of all biomechanical dysfunctions that cause difficulties in movement and reduce the quality of life of the patient. "Our studies and our training", explains Alberto Zaghetto, training coordinator of ASAlaser, "have demonstrated that by using our laser therapies with the global approach there are noticeable effects from the first application. Specifically, the results are maximised by the research into the distribution of the energy that is irradiated along muscles directly and indirectly involved in movement causing pain."

An example for all is offered by the application of Hilterapia® . "In this case", continues Zaghetto, "the total energy indicated in the treatment is evenly distributed over 60% of the muscle section and the remaining 40% in the area of the injury or pathology and in the area of pain irradiation. This determines, further than the fast reduction of painful symptoms, a swift resolution of the problems for which the patient consulted with the professional."

The method, applicable with all ASAlaser apparatus, allows a gradual and constant improvement in the patient's state, until recovery, and is particularly useful in the case of rehabilitation. Doctors and physiotherapists confirm that they learnt of the "global approach" during courses and training Masters organised by the company. "By participating in ASAlaser courses - notes Katia Pozzi, physiotherapist of the "Centro Sirio" in Varese - I discovered the value of the global approach for treating all cases. If before the training limited me to considering a pathology limited to the area where it was evident, now I understand the need to widen my evaluation to obtain the best results". Francesco Preti is on the same wavelength, owner and physiotherapist at the "Sport Clinic" in Lugo, near Ravenna: "by attending the advanced courses and the ASAlaser Master I learnt an indication that proved fruitful straight away: applying laser therapy no longer on a single pathology or on one symptom, but acting on the "global" problem." A vision, which has also changed the usage approach of laser therapy of Samuele Cipolli, physiotherapist at the Centro Phorma di Campogalliano (Modena). "The training staff of ASAlaser taught me to observe the pathology of the patient not only in the area where the symptoms are displayed, but as a whole, taking into account the general balance which has been changed. The global approach is the right answer to help both the professional, who can improve the use of laser therapy, and the patient who can rediscover well-being, fully returning to physical health."


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