Sitri and Accelink Collaborate to Develop Opto-Electronic Solutions

SITRI, the innovation center for accelerating the development and commercialization of “More than Moore” solutions to power the Internet of Things, and Accelink Technologies Co., Ltd., the leading opto-electronic components supplier in China, announced today they have signed an agreement to collaborate on the development of opto-electronic communication.

The agreement will allow Accelink and SITRI to combine their respective strengths in optical technology and further promote MEMS optical components, silicon photonics, MEMS technology, and opto-electronics technology. It calls for strategic cooperation at the technology and product levels, as well as in market development.

“China’s optical communications industry has developed an international competitive advantage,” said Charles Yang, President of SITRI. “Accelink is a leader in the field and has developed several standards for optical components in China. By joining forces with them, SITRI not only strengthens our position in the vital optical market, we also build on our R&D capabilities in optical technologies.”

As the largest opto-electronic components supplier in China, Accelink is the leading Chinese company with the ability to conduct systematic and strategic R&D on the component level and is the first Chinese company to own chip level technology and mass production capabilities.

“MEMS and silicon photonics technology is vital to the future development of optical components,” said Hao Mao, Vice President of Accelink. “The MEMS and silicon photonics technology and expertise SITRI brings to this relationship are key to helping us fulfill our strategic vision for the optical market.”

SITRI is emerging as the center for “More than Moore” commercialization and industry development, providing 360-degree solutions for companies and startups pursuing these new technologies, including investment, design, simulation, market engagement and company growth support. SITRI is associated with the Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology (SIMIT) and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and has established strong ties to a broad range of Chinese industry, research and university players. This ecosystem enables these new businesses to grow by quickly taking their innovations from concept to commercialization. The addition of Accelink as a SITRI collaborator represents an important step in developing and promoting optical communications and opto-electronic solutions.

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