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Lumany Announces Shipment of 4kW Laser for Industrial Oil and Gas Application

Lumany, LLC, a leading developer of innovative light sources for specialty applications, announced today the shipment of its first 4000 watt laser into an industrial oil and gas application. The high efficiency light source utilizes Lumany’s proprietary semiconductor laser integration technology to deliver high intensity infrared laser emission from an ultra-compact package.

The laser design can be customized to produce output in visible and infrared wavelengths, and has applications in materials processing, defense and security, and biomedicine.

“We are pleased to announce the first shipment of this customized, high intensity laser source to our industrial customer and partner,” said Robert Bagby, Chairman of Lumany. “Lumany is dedicated to satisfying our customers’ specialty application requirements by engineering light source solutions with our innovative technology platform.”

For this 4 kW laser solution, in order to achieve the demanding requirements in wavelength, power, intensity, and form factor, Lumany leveraged its patented silicon integration platform for high power semiconductor lasers. Lumany’s 4 kW laser delivers an intensity of more than 1 megawatt per square centimeter at the near infrared wavelength of 800 nm. The novel system design enables an operating efficiency in excess of 50% (electrical to optical), and the ultra-compact laser head that is roughly 16 includes long, and 4 inches in both width and height. The laser can be utilized as a standalone source, or integrated seamlessly into larger instruments. For additional information, contact the company at [email protected], or visit

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