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Fujifilm Introduces UV Light Amount Distribution Measurement Film, UVSCALE

FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Shigehiro Nakajima) will launch three types of UVSCALE, the world's first* UV light amount distribution measurement film that visualizes light amount distribution of a broad range of UV lights of 4-6,000mJ/cm2** using color optical density of the film. The new UVSCALE will be available from October 10.

New UVSCALE UV light amount distribution measurement film

UV lights are used on various occasions in production scenes such as curing process of optical resin for attaching the touch panel onto the LCD panel and sterilization process of food package materials. The illuminometer is used to measure light amount of UV light, but since the illuminometer can only measure the amount of UV light of single points, it was difficult to measure the amount of UV light of the entire irradiated surface to see if UV light evenly irradiated the subject.

The new UVSCALE is a UV light amount distribution measurement film that visualizes light amount distribution of a broad range of UV lights of 4-6,000mJ/cm2, developed using Fujifilm's accumulation of microcapsule technology*** and color-control technology*4.

The UVSCALE, in which color optical density changes according to the accumulated amount of UV light, enables to visually examine if the entire surface of the subject is equally irradiated with UV light. Compared to the illuminometer which measures single points, the UVSCALE drastically shortens inspection time, thereby improving work efficiency. In addition, the flexible, thin film can be cut into a desired shape or length and simply be placed on the subject to measure UV light amount distribution. Thus, the amount of UV light on curved areas can now be measured, which was difficult in the past. UV light amount distribution can also be measured when the subject is moving or inspection space is limited.

The UVSCALE can be used not only for attachment process of touch panels and sterilization process of food package materials but also for the process to stiffen UV printing ink and coating agents for preventing reflection and damages and other scenes where UV light is used.

Fujifilm has contributed to pressure and heat control in production process with the release of "PRESCALE", a pressure distribution measurement film that measures the pressure of areas pressed by manufacturing equipment, in 1977 and "THERMOSCALE", a heat distribution measurement film for production process, in 2012. With the lineup of a wide variety of measurement films including "PRESCALE", "THERMOSCALE" and "UVSCALE", Fujifilm will continue responding to measurement needs of various fields.

* As a film that measures UV light amount distribution on a surface using the difference in color optical density. According to Fujifilm as of September 2013.
** mJ/cm2 is the unit describing cumulated light amount per unit area.
*** Technology for developing round, micron capsules that hold various functional materials inside.
*4 Control technology that achieves the designated color for the prescribed UV light amount by selecting the optimum photosensitizing agent and coloring agent and appropriately designing compounding ratio.


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