JDSU Unveils First Test Solution for Fiber-Optic Networks

JDSU has unveiled the first test solution called In-Service PMD (I-PMD) analyzer, which enables network operators to perform crucial fiber-optic network testing without affecting customer service.

JDSU’s I-PMD, offered on the T-BERD/MTS-8000 field test platform, performs qualification of fiber-optic networks and testing of a typical impairment factor called polarization mode dispersion (PMD) without re-routing live traffic or shutting down links.

PMD measurement is crucial as it affects the data transmission rate, causing problems such as increased packet loss and bit error rate. JDSU's I-PMD is capable of measuring PMD inside live traffic streams without affecting data, video and voice services, thus lowering operating costs and enhancing customer service.

JDSU in partnership with a major US tier-one telecommunication service provider developed the I-PMD test analyzer, which can be positioned anywhere at any time in network and collects information on transmission, in-band optical signal noise ratio, and PMD issues. It facilitates the testing of a fiber-optic network that gets complicated with ever-increasing high-bandwidth applications and the shifting to 10, 40 and 100 G transmission speeds.

Besides monitoring a network without affecting customer service, the I-PMD test analyzer also records all associated data in one snapshot, thus lowering the troubleshooting time. It reduces the number of technicians needed to troubleshoot an issue and minimizes the required number of testing tools by three.

The Vice President and General Manager for Communications Test and Measurement business segment at JDSU, Enzo DiLuigi stated that the I-PMD test analyzer practically eliminates network downtime and rapidly detects risks related to service outages and degradation, which are major issues for network service providers.

Source: http://www.jdsu.com

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