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Amerlux Collaborates to Develop SmartSite Street Lighting System

Amerlux will develop SmartSite advanced LED street lighting and network control system, following its partnership with Illuminating Concepts and IntelliStreets.

AMERLUX SMARTSITE SYSTEM SmartSite System by Amerlux. (PRNewsFoto/Amerlux)

Powered by IntelliStreets, SmartSite is a combination of high-efficacy LED lighting technology and powerful, bi-directional mesh network control system. SmartSite will be showcased at Lightfair International between May 9 and 11, 2012 in Las Vegas.

SmartSite is a 24/7 area-wide system that can perform without wire maintenance, cable installation, or underground trenching. It features digital wireless solutions, architectural luminaire styles, Wi-Fi capabilities, and a versatile platform. It includes a mixture of homeland security features. SmartSite’s multimedia solutions can promote further upgrades and developments in lighting. Each "Smart" light pole includes digital display banners and integrated sound from the speakers, generating an excellent audience experience.

The system’s basic version consists of a self-organizing and energy-efficient wireless mesh network, enabling streetlight communications. The incorporated sensors are capable of being switched off on one side of the street during sunrise. It detects threat and prevents crime. It can save energy by up to 70% and are 50% more durable than traditional controls. The in-built all-weather speaker system ensures efficient broadcasting.

With a patented built-in speaker and an LED module, each streetlight is designed with a unique duo-band radio system and data storage capacity-featured small computer. When a fixture malfunction occurs in one of the streetlights, others will efficiently operate as per the programming.

The SmartSite also includes a full range speaker system and incorporated brains. Analysis and storage of data such as announcements, soundtracks, commercials, and video files are carried out effectively. Blue-light emergency communications buttons can be used for help in case of emergencies; emergency evacuation routes are provided by the digital street sign and/or banner system.

IntelliStreets-powered SmartSite, when used real-time. can enable the public to better handle major natural disasters. The system integrates with Amber Alert Center that can provide information about missing children, or persons, enabling the public to detect the abductors.

SmartSite with its two-sided digital LED street banners can be ideally deployed in sports venues, college campuses, retail malls, and in new construction for road maintenance, advertising messages, parking directions, and construction.



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