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Laser Projects a Blend of Art and Astronomy

The Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore and Tim Otto Roth, a German artist, have joined to convert data received from the Hubble Space Telescope into waves of green light using a high-powered green laser. The waves are to be projected in an exhibit at the Maryland Science Center.

Simulation of Laser Projection at Maryland Science Center

The Hubble Space Telescope has been providing amazing images of distant planets, stars and galaxies. It also houses instruments for splitting light into a spectrum. The spectrum contains information about objects in the sky, such as their temperature, chemical composition and motion. The science of spectroscopy can help explore deep into the invisible universe, analyze the qualities of other planet’s atmospheres and also find black holes.

Astronomers have the facility to view celestial spectral signatures, but normal people have not been able to. Astronomers have the ability to decode information sent by stars, quasars and galaxies as well as the signature of stars.

The Space Telescope Science Institute and Tim Otto Roth have partnered to create the unique laser show. The projections from the green laser will ripple over the Maryland Science Center’s steel facade. They will look like squiggly green lines.

The exhibition is to run from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. every day from 25 September to 18 October. It will help students study color and light in astronomy.


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