McPherson Launches Spectrometer with New Imaging Optics

McPherson has announced that its 1 m focal length, ultra-resolution spectrometer, 2061, is now available with new reflective correction optics and 2D CMOS or CCD type sensors.

1-m focal length, ultra-resolution spectrometer, Model 2061

The spectrometer can now concurrently observe spectra from 100 input fibers on one commercial CCD with an area of 12 mm2 and a resolution of 1024x1024 p.

The 1 m focal length spectrometer allows numerous Snap-In diffraction gratings maximized for coverage of wide range of wavelengths or for spectral resolution. With cooled, sensitive CCD or CMOS sensors, the 50 mm focal plane is suitable for concurrently exploring and intercepting numerous spatially distinct spectral regions.

Varied areas of one sample or unidentified input light from numerous samples produce spatially discrete spectra and discrete ultra resolution at the focal plane. Light passed into the entrance slit of the spectrometer by fiber optics or free-space optics, simplifies complicated measurements of boundary layer interaction, temperature, plasma formation and ion temperatures even under adverse conditions.

Spectrometer’s auxiliaries such as multiple entrance-slit adapters facilitate spectral study of spatially distinct events. The adapters can be modified with respect to fiber matching and image rotation and have various widths to modify light intensity and resolution. The spectrometer can study numerous spatially and remote distinct spectral events concurrently by adding a multiple fiber assembly and placing a filter in the optical path.



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