3D-Micromac Wins SPIE 2011 Green Photonics Award

Germany-based laser system developer, 3D-Micromac has received the SPIE 2011 Green Photonics Award at the recently held Photonics West show.

Laser structured flexible organic solar cell

The company’s CEO, Tino Petsch received the award for the scientific publication, titled ‘Laser processing of organic solar cells in a roll-to-roll manufacturing process’.

3D-Micromac develops laser systems for processing of thin-film and wafer-based solar cells. The engineers at the company have been involved in the laser processing operations of organic photovoltaic cells (OPV). The company’s objective is to develop and produce complete manufacturing lines to produce OPVs from the encapsulated cell and raw materials. Furthermore, technologies such as inkjet printing, slot die coating, and slot die coating, and techniques such as laser annealing and laser structuring are utilized for developing OPVs.

An organic solar cell comprises organic compounds such as carbon compounds compared to traditional inorganic solar cells. The OPVs offer a number of advantages such as convenient handling, flexibility, and minimal production costs. In addition, the organic solar cells are suitable for using in mobile systems and devices.

Source: http://www.3d-micromac.com/


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