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X-Scan Imaging Rolls Out High-Energy Line-Scan Cameras for X-Ray Applications

X-Scan Imaging has rolled out a new series of line-scan cameras that are ideal for imaging gamma ray and x-ray applications at maximum energy levels of 15 MeV. The XMH8800 series cameras integrate scintillation to convert the high-energy photons to fiber-optics and visible light.

The visible light is subsequently conveyed to a CMOS diode array detector. A tungsten or lead body protects the CMOS diode array and ensures enhanced reliability in adverse conditions.

XMH8800 Camera

The cameras’ detectors and accelerators image dense objects such as steel and metal castings. They are also useful for nondestructive test imaging and radiography. The cameras utilize CMOS imaging detector array chips with signal processing circuits that are suitable for x-ray and visible wavelength applications. The cameras have high-speed readout and high-sensitivity at a maximum of 9000 lines/s that allows inspection speeds of more than 100 cm/s.

Each camera incorporates a digital control, 16-bit analog-to-digital converters, signal-processing circuitry, and a linear series of photodiodes. The cameras also have an option of Gigabit Ethernet or Camera Link interface to a data acquisition system. They also have example code software, application programming interface, software development kit, cables, power adapter, and an x-ray camera head. The cameras are also suitable for cargo and security screening, package content inspection, industrial inspection, and computed tomography.


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