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Tratech Fiberoptics to Manufacture and Distribute Meight Fiber-Optic Connectors

Tratech Fiberoptics and Mobius Photonics have collaborated to commercialize the Meight optical fiber connectors and components. Mobius Photonics manufactures short-pulsed fiber laser sources, while Tratech Fiberoptics produces high-power fiber-optic cables.

Under the agreement, Tratech Fiberoptics will serve as the distributor and manufacturer of Meight optical fiber connectors. The Meight connector from Mobius is a detachable optical fiber connector suitable for precision power applications including fiber coupling and pump light delivery in industrial and commercial lasers.

The Meight connectors support a maximum of few hundred of power watts through multimode fibers with 50 µ to 1 mm of core diameters. The connectors offer repeatable and consistent coupling. To establish a reliable, secure mechanical connection, a large-thread hex nut directs and locks the connector in its place.

The optical fiber connectors can fiber couple via a sealed bulkhead, and can be de-coupled without the breakage of the bulkhead seal. The bulkhead interfaces can link Meight and free space, Meight to SMA, and Meight to Meight.


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