Critical Link Products are to be Launched into Space

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Consumer technologies such as the iPhone 6 and cutting-edge wearable technologies such as the Apple Watch have gained the attention of media in recent times.

In the past several years, Critical Link technology has been employed in a myriad of “industrial strength” applications in diverse fields, including communications equipment, energy, transportation, manufacturing systems, defense systems, medical products and scientific instruments.

The latest in this line of news is that MityCAM, a Critical Link technology, is going to be launched into space.

Critical Link’s First Astronaut

According to Critical Link, the company has undertaken a project for a new customer, who is a developer of technologies for military and aerospace industry applications. The project makes use of Critical Link’s sCMOS camera platform to design a custom camera capable of imaging the stars and performing custom image processing in space.

As part of the project, Critical Link will be involved in the development of a sensor head board and a custom I/O board for its existing platform. The company will also be porting its algorithms to the Cortex-A9’s in the Altera SoC.

Fairchild Imaging/BAE Systems’ scientific sCMOS sensor forms the basis of the sensor head board. Critical Link has not revealed any further details about the project, and before any information comes into the public domain, a Critical Link MityCAM will make its way into space.

Critical Link’s Cameras

Critical Link offers an extensive portfolio of cameras, including the line of highly configurable cameras such as the MityCCD® and MityCAM™ families.

These cameras have found use in a variety of scientific imaging and vision applications. With MityDSP and MitySOM modules offered by Critical Link, they offer robust on-board processing capability. This makes them suitable for cutting-edge processing and high-throughput applications.


Critical Link technology has been used in very interesting and exciting applications over the past several years. The use of MityCAM as Critical Link’s first astronaut is a very exciting news for the company.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Critical Link LLC.

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