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The MityCCD-H11501 – Enhanced NIR Sensitivity for Raman Spectroscopy and Low-Light Imaging

The MityCCD-H11501 camera, from Critical Link, includes Hamamatsu’s S11501-1007S back-thinned, area scan CCD image sensor, which has improved near infrared (NIR) sensitivity. The sensor works well at wavelengths of more than 800 nm and is suitable to be used in a wide variety of photometric applications, in comparison to previous generations of CCDs. The back of the sensor has a unique MEMS structure, which enables this sensitivity. Hamamatsu’s proprietary laser processing technology is used to develop the MEMS structure.

With the Hamamatsu sensor and an integrated thermoelectric cooler, the MityCCD-H11501 camera exhibits high sensitivity, high signal to noise and signal processing speed, and binning operation. The MityCCD camera is available in a number of OEM configurations.

Key Features

The main features of the MityCCD-H11501 camera include:

  • Enclosed and open body styles
  • Improved NIR sensitivity
  • Large pixel size: 24 x 24 micron
  • Wide spectral response range
  • 1024 x 122 active pixels
  • High quantum efficiency
  • On-board image processing with FPGA and DSP
  • MityViewer software for data analysis, viewing, acquisition, and setup
  • TE-Cooled to -15°C


The MityCCD-H11501 camera has the following applications:

  • Industrial inspection
  • Raman spectroscopy
  • Astronomy
  • Embedded instrumentation
  • Portable scientific instrumentation
  • Low-light imaging applications

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