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Andor Technology - Low Light Imaging

Andor Technologys range of low light imaging cameras, offer industry-leading performance solutions to your most demanding of scientific challenges. Andors innovative imaging cameras are installed in thousands of research laboratories worldwide, environments in which photon detection performance is central to scientific breakthrough. Whether your experimental needs are guided by single molecule detection, living cells, luminescence, astronomy, nanotechnology, atom trapping, super-resolution, plasmas or semiconductors, Andors imaging solutions offer distinct performance advantages.

At the core of Andors technological edge, is the ability to drive sensitivity to unparalleled levels. Field proven in many thousands of shipped cameras, Andors proprietary vacuum technology process UltraVacTM - is not only key to achieving deep thermoelectric cooling, but is critical for enhanced camera longevity. Andor are the acclaimed pioneers of the award-winning scientific Electron Multiplying CCD camera technology. EMCCD has rapidly become the recognized gold standard for low-light, dynamic imaging applications. With the iXon+, Andor have delivered a dedicated, truly high-end, ultrasensitive scientific imaging camera platform, designed specifically to get the absolute best from EMCCD technology across all critical performance parameters.

With the Luca, Andor have brought EMCCD technology firmly within reach of every laboratory, with this new price/performance benchmark. Luca completely redefines what you can expect from a workhorse camera. Andors wealth of camera design expertise is harnessed to perfection in the highly-regarded iKon CCD range, offering unique thermoelectric cooling down to -100 degrees centigrade, alongside exceptionally low read noise. The Andor i-Star offers nano-second time-resolved imaging, in the most technically advanced, yet easy to operate Intensified CCD in the world. Andors imaging camera solutions are supported by a superlative family of acquisition, analysis and rendering software platform options, including Andors highly intuitive and comprehensive Solis and iQ software packages. Acquisition drivers are also available for a wide portfolio of popular 3rd party imaging software packages.

Andor Technology - Low Light Imaging Scientific Cameras

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