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New Technology that Fine-Tunes Light Using Microscopic Artificial Muscles Could Bring New Generation of Color Displays

South Pole Telescope at Jupiter Achieves First Light

Something New About Solitons

Lasers for Deflecting Asteroids

New Class of Ultra-Thin Polymer Films

Robin Santra Wins First-ever Young Scientist Prize for Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics

Science Students Learn Entrepreneurship Through New Program

Satellite Remote-Sensing Method Hatches New Cell-Analysis System

Laser Technologies Help Eradicate Food-Borne Pathogen

Researchers Develop Next Generation of Screening Devices

World's First Anti-Reflection Coating

New Type of Laser for Providing High-Resolution 3-D Images of the Retina

MRI-Safe Motor Makes Robotic Biopsies Possible

Lasers Used to Generate Bulk Flow in Fluids

Most Compact Wavelength-Demultipler to Date

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