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New Tool Simplifies Polishing on Optical Lenses

Quantum Dots to form Next Generation Solid State Lighting

Osram and Seoul Semiconductor Create Patent Cross Licence Agreement

OSRAM Now offers 3-channel DMX Dimmers for LED Lighting

Can Imaging Detect Heart Disease Earlier?

Telecom NZ Rolls out $1.1 Million Fibre Optic Expansion

Trans Pacific Cable Data Network to Double in Capacity with Fiber Optic Upgrade

Swedish Tunable Laser Developer Secures $7 Million in Funding

New Links Found between pH and Blindness

X-Ray Induced Explosion of Microscopic Objects Observed using Newston's Dusty Mirror Experiment

Metrology Specialists Buy Non-Contact Optical Measurement Business CogniTens

LED Specialist io Lighting Acquired for Nearly $17 Million

FDA Approve Device that Alleviates Pain During Cosmetic Laser Treatments

Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena Offer Masters Programme in Optics in Science and Technology

European Commission Looks to Abolish Anti-Dumping Duties on Energy Saving Light Bulbs

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