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Object Recognition May Start in the Retina

Brain Responds to Possibility Two Objects Might Collide

Saturn's moon reveals the Yin-Yang of the Solar System

Construction of the Universe - Lego-like "building block" galaxies

Face Recognition in a Surveillance Society

Optics and Photonics Plays an Important Role in Nano and Solar Technology

Tailored Fiber Optic Products

High Performance Fibre-Optic Infrared Temperature Sensors

Cree Manufacture the Most Efficient High Power LEDs in the World

Opgal Optronic Sign up Exclusive UK Distributor

Fiber-to-the-Premises Equipment for Residential and Business Around Paris

Scientists Awarded for Photonics Research

Wavefront-Guided Laser Vision Correction for Nearsighted Patients

Complete Refractive Solution for the Eye Care Professionals

Advanced Biometric Iris Recognition Systems: Potential Applications in Airport and Border Security

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