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Process Sensors Launches PSC-CS Laser Thermometer Series

Process Sensors has launched a new, advanced PSC-CS Laser thermometer for industrial applications. The PSC-CS Laser is integrated with two red lasers that enable accurate measurements of temperatures. The two laser beams, when directed at a focus distance, join together to form a spot on the target.

PSC-CS Laser thermometer

The PSC-CS Laser series are manufactured from stainless steel, which can be configured for a four-wire or a two-wire loop-powered operations when dual lasers are used for targeting. The temperature sensor can work in ambient conditions of up to 85°C and does not require cooling. At fixed focus distances for targets as small as 0.5 mm in diameter, the PSC-CS Laser offers high resolution optics and quick response.

The PSC-CS Laser can withstand severe environmental conditions because of the heavy-duty cooling jacket and rugged housing. The sensor can be used for a number of applications such as metal processing, plastics, glasses and ceramics, among others. The sensor offers spectral responses of 1.6 µm and 8-14 µm at a temperature range of 385°C to 1600°C and -50°C to 975°C, respectively.

Measurement factors such as emissivity can be manually set on the infrared sensor, or can be set through a PSC-connect software with an USB connector. The software also aids in setting up valley, average and peak functions as well as data logging and graphical display of temperature trends.


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