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FISO Technologies Announces Introduction of New Fiber Optic Signal Conditioner

FISO Technologies Inc., a subsidiary of Roctest Ltd and a leading manufacturer of high-quality fiber optic sensors and measurement systems for challenging and demanding applications, announces the production release of the FPI-HERO signal conditioner module. This new system has already been delivered to two European companies.

With these deliveries to "a world leading missile systems company" and to "the ballistic missile division of the #1 European company in Aeronautic Defense & Space", FISO Technologies Inc. is establishing the industry standard for such test. Optimized to measure small current, the FPI-HERO is the second module of a new generation of high-performing and flexible products targeting different applications.

This new signal conditioner is intended to gradually replace FISO's former instrumentation for Hazardous Electromagnetic Radiation Ordnance (HERO) and Electro-Explosive Devices (EED) testing. EEDs are used in military applications, but also in automotive and aerospace applications, such as in aircrafts and weapons systems.

The FPI-HERO fiber optic signal conditioner is also compatible with FISO's FOT-HERO sensor. With some hundreds of sensors sold over the last years, FISO's customers are pleased to see that FISO keeps in mind their concerns about having to replace EEDs that are already instrumented with sensors. By using the White-Light Interferometry Technology (US patents 5,392,117 and 5,202,939), the FPI-HERO will show a better stability of measurement when the optical connectors and the optical fiber are exposed to vibration and mechanical constraint. In addition, the built-in temperature compensation system of the FPI-HERO maintains the accuracy even when the test environment temperature varies.

"Combined with the FOT-HERO sensor, the Veloce signal conditioner was FISO's unique reference for the instrumentation of EED Testing. The FPI-HERO signal conditioner has been developed to better suit the needs of customers who don't necessarily need the Veloce system's high sampling rate. The FPI-HERO includes its own data acquisition system and is easier to use", said Maxim Vachon-Savary, Product Line Manager at FISO Technologies.

FISO is developing many other modules for the new EVOLUTION platform including a second signal conditioner suitable for EED testing, but with at least 5 kHz of sampling rate, which will open the door to customers who are looking for a solution for ESD and lightning test.

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