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SureWest to Enhance its High Definition (HD) Television Channels

As it continues to make strategic moves to increase penetration over its fiber-optic network, leading independent telecommunications holding company SureWest Communications announced today it will enhance its high definition (HD) television offerings and make available at least 38 HD channels by the end of November 2007. Unique to the HDTV marketplace, SureWest can continue to add to its HD lineup without sacrificing picture quality due to its fiber-optic network.

The company's SureWest Broadband cable subsidiary recently launched three new significant HD channels, bringing its current HD total to 26 with 12 more channels set to launch over the next six weeks, including highly-rated networks like Biography, Bravo, CNN, SCI FI Channel, TBS and USA Network. Additionally, SureWest continues to pursue partnerships with other key service providers to increase the number of HD channels available to subscribers of its HD Life package.

"Every HD channel we add to our HD Life package is a mainstream channel being demanded in our marketplace -- channels people are watching in standard definition that now offer the benefits of HD," says SureWest President and CEO Steve Oldham. "This is a channel lineup that fans of high definition television are going to love.

"With our virtually unlimited bandwidth capabilities, what really makes this exciting is that, unlike our competitors, we can continue to add to our compelling HD mix without sacrificing picture quality. Our fiber platform creates a superior customer experience in terms of a crystal clear HD image and faster channel change times."

SureWest is able to build on its HD channel lineup by delivering 100 Megabits per second (Mbps) of bi-directional bandwidth to each customer's home on its fiber-optic network, leaving room to bundle voice services and the fastest Internet speed in the country as well. SureWest provides the only residential service in the United States that delivers 50 Mbps of Internet speed both uploading and downloading.

"We believe we are investing in the right combination of products and services that make us a leader in the marketplace and will help increase our market share in the region," says Oldham.

Currently, SureWest's fiber-optic network reaches over 103,000 marketable homes in the Sacramento region, with over 21,000 taking video services.

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