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MetroLaser Introduces Portable Laser Doppler Vibrometer for Vibrational Analysis

MetroLaser is pleased to introduce the VibroMet(TM) 500 SLDV, the first truly portable scanning laser Doppler vibrometer.

VibroMet 500 SLDV

The vibrometer enables a user to perform a complete point-by-point vibrational analysis of any surface from a distance up to 5 meters without touching it. This system can be transported, set up, and operated by one person in real-world conditions. The VibroMet(TM) 500 SLDV consists of an optical head, an electronic controller, a laptop computer, and a comprehensive software package that enables scanning and measuring surfaces of complex geometries with ultra-high sensitivity. A modal analysis module is available within the software package.

The VibroMet(TM) 500 SLDV can measure up to 1000 points per axis within a scan space of +/- 20 degrees in each direction. The software enables the generation of a flexible measurement grid on the target, automatic scanning of the programmed grid, a large variety of data analysis and filtering options, and 3D animation and visualization of results.

The VibroMet(TM) 500 SLDV is well suited for a wide range of applications, where a vibrational spectral analysis is required, including:

  • Automotive:Disk brakes, panels, windshield, engine, body
  • Modal Analysis:Turbine blades, mechanical structures
  • Audio:Speakers, guitars, violins, noise source location and control
  • Industrial Equipment:Compressors, appliances, computers
  • Medical Devices:Hearing aids, prosthetics, muscular response
  • Military:Landmine detection, aging aircraft, noise detection
  • Structural Integrity:Buildings and bridges
  • Nondestructive Testing:Voids, delaminations, stiffness
  • Health Monitoring:Spectral analysis, modal anomalies


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