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Sears Blue Electronics Associates with Samsung to Offer Samsung 3D LED TVs

Judging from the box-office success of the latest 3-D movies, it is clear a new dimension is here – and not just in movies. 3-D home entertainment has arrived, and the Sears Blue Electronics Crew™ is teaming up with Samsung to make it even easier to be among the first to own and enjoy this state-of-the-art technology at home. Today, Sears, a leading retailer of consumer electronics, announced the availability of Samsung 3-D LED TVs. 

The highly anticipated 3-D experience offers a vivid, new dimension in high-definition clarity that allows action to leap off the screen. In fact, with 3-D TV, users will be able to immerse themselves in upcoming TV programming, sporting events, movies and gaming with images so real that they beg to be touched. The secret to Samsung's 3-D technology is that viewing the TV with the glasses creates a slightly different image for each eye, resulting in a unique 3-D viewing experience.

"The anticipation for the 3-D experience at home has been mounting, and we're giving our shoppers a competitive edge by being one of the first retailers to offer these products," stated Karen Austin, president, Home Electronics, Sears Holdings. "Our availability of Samsung's 3-D products further extends our commitment to ensure that Sears shoppers have access to the latest home electronics offerings."

Sears is offering easy, streamlined access to purchase Samsung 3-D LED TVs, including:

  • Samsung 46-in. 3-D LED TV; reg. price $2,599.99
  • Samsung 55-in. 3-D LED TV; reg. price $3,299.99

To capture the 3-D technology online now, shoppers can visit and click on the Samsung 3-D splash page. Purchasers can then select the order button to add products to their cart and proceed to checkout. The items will be available for shipping in March. For those looking to buy the 3-D technology in stores, Sears locations will have the TVs available in March.

"With technology moving so fast this is a unique opportunity for consumers to get ahead of the technology curve. Later this year as more great 3-D programming, DVDs and video games become available for in-home use, consumers who buy 3-D TV now will have no regrets because they will be set for the transition," continued Austin.

As more and more content, including sporting events, network programming, movies and gaming is becoming available in 3-D, Sears is helping to provide customers the necessary resources to get the most out of the technology. Most new technologies can come with lingering questions and their share of myths. So the Sears Blue Electronics Crew is helping customers better understand the truth behind the top 3-D myths, including:

  • Myth: Users are required to wear 3-D glasses all the time.
  • Fact: Glasses are needed to experience 3-D content. However, Samsung 3-D LED TVs also
  • provide the highest quality, HDTV, which does not require 3-D glasses.

  • Myth: After watching 3-D and taking off the glasses, regular TV content is going to be fuzzy.
  • Fact: 3-D TVs play content in HD so the picture quality is often better than most movie theaters. In addition, regular programming is in 1080p high-definition and is the clearest picture available.

  • Myth: 3-D TVs are going to be too expensive for the average household.
  • Fact: Sears carries a variety of affordable Samsung 3-D TVs and with Sears financing options, they will be accessible on most budgets.

Sears not only offers customers access to the latest home electronics first, but also passes savings to shoppers by providing financing options such as layaway. Plus Sears' Ready-in-5 Guarantee lets customers buy online and quickly pick up their new TV at a store of their choice.


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