Shimadzu Provides Testing Solutions for PV Manufacturing

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments offers testing solutions for photovoltaic manufacturing processes and research and development that contribute to higher conversion efficiencies, reliability and yields from solar cells.

Shimadzu’s comprehensive line of analytical instruments can evaluate materials, as well as provide quality control for photovoltaic cells and modules during the manufacturing process. This includes testing of first, second and third generation photovoltaic cells created from silicon and non-silicon material such as polycrystalline silicone and dye-sensitized/organic thin films. Applications of Shimadzu’s universal testers and thermal analyzers include:

  • Bending testing of thin silicon wafers
  • Adhesive film peeling testing
  • Strength and tensile fatigue testing of materials for flexible printed circuits
  • Thermal expansion testing of glass and films.

For cell process evaluation, Shimadzu’s spectrophotometers, spectrometers, high-performance liquid chromatographs and single nano particle size analyzers can be used in some of the following applications:

  • Evaluation of reflectance and transmission in UV, visible and NIR ranges
  • Analysis of chemical bonding and status in surface/depth directions and composition analysis of films and buffer layers
  • Composition analysis or organic compounds
  • Particle size and particle size distribution measurements on nano-order titanium oxide particles.

Shimadzu’s X-Ray fluoroscopy systems, universal testers, rheometers and thermal analyzers play a role in module process evaluation for:

  • Evaluating electrode joints
  • Peeling and tensile testing of EVA film sealant
  • Module load testing and module bending testing
  • Rheological evaluation of sealing films
  • Water permeation measurements on sealing films.


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