Carmanah Technologies and PTL Solar Announce Partnership on Solar LED Lighting Technology

Carmanah Technologies and PTL Solar™ today announced a manufacturing partnership that will bring leading-edge solar LED lighting technology to the Middle East and selected countries in Africa. PTL Solar and Carmanah have partnered to manufacture solar LED lighting solutions for outdoor lighting applications at a facility under ENPARK in Dubai.

The manufacturing agreement will allow both companies to penetrate further into the outdoor lighting market in the Middle East and selected countries in Africa and will help them to service major clients in the region.

The first of its kind in Dubai UAE, the manufacturing partnership will combine the ingenuity of a UAE-based company with the leading-edge technology of Carmanah solar LED lighting solutions. The partnership will enable flexibility and responsiveness in meeting market demands while providing high-performing solar LED lighting solutions within a cost framework the market expects. With an increased ability to service the market with durable, reliable solar LED lighting, and providing increased job opportunities for Dubai residents, the manufacturing partnership will provide significant benefits for the partnering companies and the community.

“We are pleased to partner with PTL Solar to create the first ‘Powered by Carmanah’ solar LED lighting solution,” said Ted Lattimore, Carmanah CEO. “As the leading Carmanah distributor, PTL Solar brings a wealth of information and local knowledge to the partnership. In addition to their expertise, PTL also offers a centralized location and an established distribution base which we expect will create an increased presence for Carmanah in the marketplace.”

Prabissh Thomas, PTL Solar, Managing Director said, “We offer the best energy solutions customized to meet any power requirement. Individuals as well as corporations and governments, are becoming more educated on the importance of conserving energy and utilizing sustainable resources. As our list of clientele continues to expand, we have decided to partner with a world leader in solar LED technology to secure our supply of reliable solar technology.

Solar-powered LED lights that are manufactured at our facility will offer value for money and will provide cost-effective instant lighting solutions using high-quality components. We are confident our partnership with a pioneering company such as Carmanah will bring enormous benefits to the region.”

Powered by Carmanah solar technology and incorporating LED fixtures by RUUD lighting, the solar LED lighting solutions will provide stand-alone lighting that functions completely free from electrical grid connections, providing highly reliable illumination for a variety of outdoor lighting applications including streets, parking lots and residential areas. At the forefront of lighting innovations, LED technology offers a performance life of up to 100,000 hours and has a low power draw: making it an ideal match for solar power. The Middle East offers a favourable solar environment, allowing for the easy implementation of solar LED technology in virtually any location.


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