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Harco Buys Advanced Metal Fabrication Machine for its Accuracy in Optical Measuring

Harco Metal Products (Harco), an industry leader in tube fabrication, systems integration, and seamless, cost effective manufacturing, announced today the purchase of new, advanced machinery.

Both the Wafios BMZ42 and the Accurex TubeInspectHD were selected for their unique and unparallel performance objectives, and represent significant technological advances within the metal fabricating industry. The BMZ42 was chosen for its ability to bend free form geometry tubing requiring high tolerance and repeatability. Harco brought on the TUBE InspectHD machine because of its accuracy in optical measuring, coupled with its speed and reporting details.

Harco decided to utilize these machines after being approached by a company requiring a series of tubes be installed in a unique pattern. In order to bend the tubes into the correct shape, utilization of free-form, multi-dimensional bending techniques were necessary, along with post-bend measuring for accuracy. However, most readily available equipment in the United States simply would not perform the required processes with the speed, accuracy or consistency needed to meet the tight tolerance demands of this customer and product.

Harco's sales and engineering team knew of the BMZ42 and the TubeInspectHD, and hypothesized that, by combining the functions of both machines, the customers' needs could be met. After six days of testing, Harco was able to prove their theory correct, thus finding a winning combination of equipment able to deliver unique, high tolerance, repeatable free-form bends, along with fast and accurate optical measuring for such bends.

"Now more than ever, we offer high-tech solutions to any customer, for any size project, and will also suggest [to other part manufacturers] using the TubeInspectHD within our facility," said Jay Hall, Harco President and Founder. "This equipment is truly revolutionizing the parts fabrication industry and what can be accomplished," Hall continued.


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