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Noliac Provides Low Voltage Actuators for Tunable Lasers

Tunable lasers rely on the performance of a micropositioning or nanopositioning actuator to position a diffraction grating with extreme precision and repeatability. Noliac provides low voltage actuators, high flexibility in size and materials, and plate as well as ring shaped actuators for tunable lasers.

Fine tuning with piezos

A laser is a device that emits light (electromagnetic radiation) through a process called stimulated emission. A laser usually comprises an optical resonator (laser resonator, laser cavity) in which light can circulate (e.g. between two mirrors), and within this resonator a gain medium (e.g. a laser crystal, optical fibre), which serves to amplify the light.

A tunable laser is a laser the output wavelength of which can be adjusted. There are many types and categories of tunable lasers. They exist in the gas, liquid, and solid state. Among the types of tunable lasers are excimer lasers, CO2 lasers, dye lasers (liquid and solid state), transition metal solid-state lasers, semiconductor diode lasers, and free electron lasers.

In bulk tunable lasers, the resonance frequencies can often be tuned by changing the cavity length (mirror distance). Fine tuning can be done with a piezoelectric actuator.

Piezo technology is a proven and widespread technique for fine positioning of optical mirrors. Customers may either use ready-made systems or directly integrate the piezo actuator.

Noliac advantages:

Low voltage actuators (standard voltages start at 60V)
High flexibility (adjustable length, material¡­)
High strain materials, low hysteresis
Ring shape actuators (single elements offer 2-3 ¦Ìm displacement) with variable throughput
Manufacturer of piezo tubes
High performance piezos
Various choices of materials
Possibility of custom design
High performances actuators compared to competition (higher stiffness, higher stroke)
Possibility of direct replacements

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