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OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Presents High-Power Portfolio at Laser Fair 2007

In addition to the world's smallest and first surface-mountable high-power laser for continuous wave mode (cw mode), OSRAM Opto Semiconductors will be presenting water-cooled vertical laser stacks and laser bars in standard “CS mount” casings for the first time in Europe in Hall B1, Stand 402.

Passively and actively cooled SIRILAS units round off the high-power portfolio.

OSRAM offers its customers a clearly structured product portfolio with the emphasis on standard products. “With our numerous standard products in different wavelengths and outputs we can guarantee short delivery times. We can also offer customized solutions however”, said Dr. Jörg Heerlein, Senior Manager for High-Power Laser Diodes at OSRAM Opto Semiconductors.

As an SMT component the surface mountable high-power laser for cw mode is compatible with modern production processes such as reflow soldering. This compact laser emits light upwards with a wavelength of 810 nm and is designed for outputs of up to 6 W. It is robust, powerful and capable of withstanding harsh ambient conditions in industrial applications and in automobile environments. Typical uses include volume applications such as night vision systems, traffic monitoring and medical equipment.

Passive cooled laser diodes on solid copper heat sinks (CS mounts) offer optical outputs of up to 50 W in continuous wave mode. They are used wherever water cooling is not possible, for example in transportable systems for medical applications.

Water-cooled vertical laser stacks consist of up to 20 laser bars which operate in continuous wave (cw) mode or in quasi-continuous wave (qcw) mode. Their standard wavelengths are 808, 915, 940 or 975 nm. Depending on the version, the stacks can achieve outputs in the kilowatt range and have a life of more than 10,000 hours. Typical applications include high-output systems for pumping solid-state lasers, direct material processing and medical engineering.

SIRILAS is a new generation of cased laser diodes. The actively cooled version has integrated cooling ducts that provide efficient water cooling. The straight runs of these cooling ducts helps prevent corrosion. An enclosed package protects against dust and contact. An integrated lens produces an almost parallel beam, with vertical divergence of less than one degree. With an efficiency of more than 50% this laser diode is an ideal pump source. Its output can be precisely tuned to the absorption lines of the solid-state laser materials. This reduces the thermal load of the solid state laser medium and increases efficiency and beam quality. RayTools has combined these laser diodes into modular pump lines. A laser diode achieves an output of 30 W. Pump lines with up to ten laser diodes therefore have outputs of up to 300 W. By combining multiple pump lines it is possible to supply high-power solid-state lasers with energy. As an alternative to CO 2 lasers they are used for material processing (for example for welding plastic or metal).

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