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Award-Winning PhlatLight LEDs Powering Two of the Newest Portable LED Based Projectors

Luminus Devices today announced that its award-winning PhlatLight® LEDs are powering two of the newest portable LED based projectors, the Samsung P400 Pocket Imager and LG Electronics' HS-102 Ultra-Mobile Projector. Both projectors are lamp-free, weigh less than two pounds and fit in the palm of a hand.

The PhlatLight PT54 LEDs used in both units enable brightness to reach and exceed 150 lumens, a breakthrough for pocket projectors. The pure RGB color from the PhlatLight LEDs produce a brighter more vivid image than the ANSI brightness specs would suggest, for a picture that’s easily viewable when projected to a 40 inch size even in a well lit office.

Environmentally friendly, PhlatLight LEDs are free of hazardous materials such as mercury or lead and are leading the way for energy efficient LEDs to be used in high-brightness applications never before possible with LEDs. These projectors consume approximately one-third the power of comparable lamp based projectors and produce an instant-on image at full brightness without the cost and inconvenience of lamp replacement. Both projectors were recently demonstrated at IFA in Berlin and are launching to world-wide distribution. The Samsung P400 is now shipping in the U.S.

“The HS-102 offers consumers superior picture quality for presentations, games or movies anywhere you want it thanks to the brightness and long-life of PhlatLight LEDs,” said Sean Uhm, marketing manager, LG Electronics. “PhlatLight LED technology maintains LG leadership and innovation in ultra-mobile projector technology.”

Luminus began manufacturing its patented PhlatLight LEDs for TV’s in 2006 and PhlatLight LEDs remain the only LEDs bright enough to replace arc lamps. PhlatLight LEDs are unique in that they are larger than conventional LEDs and designed to operate at significantly higher intensity. Projectors illuminated by PhlatLight LEDs produce more than fifty percent wider color gamut than the NTSC standard and the pure, primary colors sequentially pulsed at high speeds, provide ultra-fast color refresh for stable, accurate colors and a smooth picture with superior motion quality.

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