Waters Improves Ease and Reliability of Small Molecule Analysis with ACQUITY RDa Detector

Waters Corporation today released the ACQUITY RDa™ Detector featuring SmartMS™, the company’s newest time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometer (MS) for small molecule analysis for pharmaceutical, academic, food, and forensics applications. The accurate-mass ACQUITY™ RDa Detector can be quickly deployed and operated to enable faster and more informed decision-making across a broad set of applications.

The ACQUITY RDa Detector featuring SmartMS technology is a time-of-flight mass detector for making accurate-mass measurements of small molecules during pharmaceutical impurity analyses, forced degradation studies, food and natural products analyses and seized drug profiling. Image Credit: Business Wire

“With the ACQUITY RDa Detector, we've taken the complexity of operating a mass spectrometer and put it behind the user interface so that the bench scientist doesn't have to worry about how it works, but about what to do with the high-quality, reproducible results the detector produces,” said Ian King, Senior Vice President - Global Products, Waters Corporation. “The ACQUITY RDa Detector’s high mass accuracy, automated setup and streamlined workflows offer laboratories a purpose-built high-performance mass spectrometer to support increasingly complex small molecule analysis projects with ease.”

Simplified set up and operation for confidence and faster decision-making

From setup to results, the ACQUITY RDa Detector is designed for ease-of-use with intuitive system health checks and dedicated results-oriented workflows. With SmartMS, users can identify analytes more accurately and confidently evaluate outcomes with end-to-end robust, reliable workflows for routine applications. Paired with a simple one-button start, the RDa Detector reduces the extent of training, limits downtime, and ensures consistent, reproducible results.

“In the pharma industry, the Waters RDa Detector meets regulatory and production challenges for which a satisfactory solution doesn’t exist,” said Marc Foulon, Director, Pharmaphysic, an analytical development laboratory providing analytical services for the cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceuticals industries.

Big impact on small molecule analysis

The ACQUITY RDa Detector is optimized for small molecule applications where quality, compliance and data integrity are critical. These include impurity analysis, forced degradation studies, lipid screening, natural products profiling, food contaminant analysis, seized and controlled drug profiling, and general accurate-mass measurements.

For improved usability and faster outcomes, the ACQUITY RDa Detector operates on waters_connect™, an open software platform designed to enhance the value that the RDa brings to laboratories with new functionality, features and software updates. Providing a complete audit trail for acquisition, processing and reporting of data, waters_connect enables seamless compliance and the highest standards of data integrity. With the option of system qualification, the platform is suitable for regulated and non-regulated laboratories alike.

Featuring an array of robust functionalities, simple operation, and a compact form factor, the ACQUITY RDa Detector simplifies the process of making high performance accurate- mass measurements.

The ACQUITY RDa Detector is now available worldwide from Waters and its authorized distributors.

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Source: https://www.waters.com/nextgen/us/en.html


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