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The First-Ever LED Store in the State

In its commitment to energy savings, sustainability and lowering energy costs, Kentucky-based Thorntons Inc., has selected Wisconsin-based BetaLED exterior luminaires for 13 properties, and all future renovations and new construction. The company recently opened a convenience store with gas in Edgewood, KY., and is the first-ever LED store in the state.

"BetaLED's superior technology, fixture quality and the dramatic decrease in utility costs we're already experiencing are making this a very smart decision," said Eric Zoph, Thorntons' vice president of construction and environmental concerns. "One of the biggest problems faced by owners is how to maintain light levels and make the facility feel inviting without wasting a lot of energy, these LED luminaires solve that problem."

Gas stations provide a perfect opportunity for LED technology to shine. Owners and operators are realizing that customers are drawn to their properties because of perceptions of cleanliness, safety and a friendly atmosphere. The use of LED lighting gives stations a brighter, more modern look compared to traditional high intensity discharge (HID) sources.

The long life and reliability of LED light sources diminish maintenance costs and help increase profits through reduced labor and relamping expenses.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has heralded LEDs as the future of lighting. According to the DOE, LEDs have an extremely long life span when compared to incandescent lighting -- in many cases they last 20 times longer. LEDs consume considerably less energy and are clean burning, thus reducing carbon emissions significantly.

"We're very pleased to partner with Thorntons," said Scott Manning, Beta/Kramer Sales Manager. "This is a forward-thinking company that recognizes the advantages of LEDs."

One of the greatest hurdles in using LEDs for general illumination is maximizing the lumens per watt produced. Advances in technology now make it possible to use high-efficiency LED lighting for commercial applications.

Thorntons is saving approximately 62 percent on energy costs compared with traditional 320W metal halide fixtures. At each of the 13 convenient stores with gas, the LED luminaires will reduce carbon emissions by roughly 30 percent and eliminate disposal of mercury found in conventional lighting sources.

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