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What Sets Gorilla Glass Apart is its Enhanced Durability

Corning Incorporated announced today that it will be featuring its recently introduced Gorilla(TM) glass at SID Display Week 2008, May 19-23 in Los Angeles. This new thin-sheet glass was designed such that, upon chem-strengthening, it provides device manufacturers with a highly durable, scratch-resistant liquid crystal display (LCD) display cover. With its unique set of characteristics, Corning Gorilla glass offers added protection for personal electronic devices and is especially valuable for those featuring touch screen technologies.

The consumer electronics market requires materials innovation that enables product designers to pack more features into a single device, including higher-resolution displays. This is particularly true for handheld electronic devices. Device makers have long been challenged with balancing the trade-offs of appearance versus product durability. When it comes to insuring that the display’s optical quality is maintained over the life of a device, Corning Gorilla glass provides an optimal solution. It is a thin, optically pure sheet glass that has superior scratch resistance when compared to other strengthened glass products currently on the market.

“What sets Gorilla glass apart is its enhanced durability,” said Corning’s Gorilla glass program manager James E. Hollis. “This is especially important for handheld devices that are routinely thrown around by consumers. A protective cover made from Corning Gorilla glass is capable of providing the best protection for LCD screens versus any other glass in the marketplace today.”

Corning Gorilla glass is available in a variety of thicknesses, from 0.7mm up to 2.0mm, providing flexibility in device design as well as glass processing. It is an environmentally friendly alumino-silicate glass produced with Corning’s proprietary fusion draw process. Fusion draw technology enables the production of uniform thin sheets with a pristine surface. It is also adaptable to scalable sheet sizes for optimal throughput. The result is a drawn surface that in many cases requires no additional finishing for some applications while providing a wide range of thickness options, low surface roughness and superior flatness. These benefits enable Corning customers to optimize device design and fabrication efficiencies.

Corning will showcase its product portfolio for the display industry at the 2008 SID conference. Included will be the Corning Thin Sheet Xtra™ Series, the Vita™ OLED sealing solution, an inspection objective for inspecting glass after circuits are printed, and a lithography objective for printing circuitry on the LCD glass. For more information, visit the Corning booth, #635, in the Los Angeles Convention Center or Corning's Web site at

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