High-Performance Optics for Augmented Reality Wearables Demonstrated at CES 2019

WaveOptics, an established designer and producer of diffractive waveguides used in augmented reality (AR) wearables, and Corning Incorporated, the world’s prominent supplier of high-refractive index glass for eyewear, will perform private demonstrations of wearable AR displays at CES 2019 in Las Vegas from January 8th–11th, 2019.

Corning’s high-refractive index glass, which is exclusively developed for AR waveguides, will be used in WaveOptics’ wearable AR displays. This ultra-flat glass provides crisp images and a wide field of view, which are essential for an immersive experience.

Recently, Corning and WaveOptics inked a long-term supply contract in which the former offers high-index glass wafers for the latter’s waveguides. The contract is one among the many recent partnerships declared by WaveOptics—including one with nano-imprint lithography equipment, maker EV Group, and original design manufacturer, Goertek.

We have been working hard to lower the bill of materials for high-quality AR devices. Working with WaveOptics to assemble a global supply chain that will dramatically simplify access to high-quality augmented reality is a major part of that effort. Corning is excited to work with WaveOptics and our joint partners to help enable the growth of such a young, dynamic industry.

David Velasquez, Division Vice President and General Manager, Corning Precision Glass Solutions

At CES 2019, we will demonstrate the high-quality AR optical performance of our waveguides using Corning's ultra-flat, high-index glass wafers. This follows the recent news that Corning and WaveOptics signed a long-term supply agreement for supply of glass wafers for our AR optics. The combination of our waveguide technology and Corning's high-index glass will be a key enabler of immersive AR, where image quality is vital to driving mass adoption.

David Hayes, CEO, WaveOptics

WaveOptics’ waveguides have been developed keeping mass manufacturing and superior optical performance in mind. Additionally, the patented waveguide technology enables creating a wide viewing window—which is important to experience AR—offering immersive experiences for the consumer, industrial, and enterprise applications.

Corning has the required know-how in providing mass-production quantities of the largest, high-index, ultra-flat glass substrates to prominent AR device makers. In fact, Corning Augmented Reality Solutions are one among the many products available in Corning’s portfolio of Precision Glass Solutions that make use of the company’s precision optics and forming capabilities to meet the growing demand for glass across microelectronics.

Corning offers AR designers and OEMs a one-stop solution for state-of-the-art capabilities like bonding technologies, proprietary ceramic and glass manufacturing platforms, best-in-class metrology, finishing processes, optical design expertise, and automated laser glass-cutting.

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