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Diodes Launches Constant-Current Regulators to Enhance LED Effectiveness

A range of constant-current regulators named BCR401U, BCR402U and BCR405U have been launched by Diodes Incorporated, a pioneer in the manufacture and supply of superior-quality application-specific standard products that fall inside the broad analog, logic, discrete, as well as mixed-signal semiconductor markets.

These constant-current regulators are of high interest to lighting designers and allow easy driving of low-current LED strips and panels in the industrial as well as commercial lighting fields. Aiming at 12 V and 24 V linear LED strips, the regulators enhance the light output efficiency since they have a limited voltage supply necessity of 1.4 V, thus enabling higher number of LEDs to be connected in the string.

When a regulation less than ±10% is accomplished and preset options of 10 mA (BCR401U), 20 mA (BCR402U) and 50 mA (BCR405U) adjustable to nearly 100 mA are provided, the regulators make the design simple, reduce the number of components, and on the whole improve system reliability by incorporating the driver. Integrated with the long service life and enhanced efficiency provided by LEDs, lighting applications such as refrigeration, advertising, decorative, emergency, architectural and others are being replaced with the new light source.

While providing a regulated current over a broad voltage range of 1.4 V-40 V, the BCR40xU range of constant-current regulators can not only withstand spikes in voltage and LED short failures in strings, but also maintain LED brightness and service life. When a negative temperature coefficient, that minimizes the LED current, with increase in temperature is applied to the constant-current regulators, the usage life of the LED can be increased by minimizing dissipation. This also allows parallel device operation for supplying more current in applications that demand over 100 mA.

Functioning as a linear LED driver, the BCR40xU range of constant-current regulators reduces the possibility of EMI—specifically significant in medical lighting as well as other sensitive applications. Moreover, brightness of the LEDs can be PWM controlled with a duty cycle of less than 1% at 25 kHz, thus enabling precise dimming to low light levels.

The BCR401U, BCR402U and BCR405U LED drivers come in the form of the industry-standard SOT-26 (SC74R) package.

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