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PEFA-EOLA Series of Erbium Doped Fibre Amplifiers

LASER COMPONENTS offers the PEFA-EOLA series of Erbium doped fibre amplifiers which are eye-safe amplifiers designed for long pulse operation like LIDAR, wind sensing and aerosol detection.

Thanks to a unique architecture the Keopsys device delivers high energy per pulse, up to 110μJ.  The output is linearly polarised with a diffraction-limited beam (output fibre with M² < 1.5 for energy above 15μJ).

The PEFA-EOLA is available as a benchtop unit with user friendly interface or modules. The modules are compact, robust devices that are maintenance free with high reliability, so are ideal for integration into a complete optical system.


LASER COMPONENTS specialises in the development, manufacture, and sale of components and services in the laser and optoelectronics industry.  At LASER COMPONENTS, we have been serving customers since 1982 with sales branches in five different countries.  We have been producing in house since 1986 with production facilities in Germany, Canada, and the United States.  In-house production makes up approximately half of our sales revenue.  A family-run busi¬ness, we have more than 200 employees worldwide.

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