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Ocean Optics Develops All-in-One Spectrophotometer System for Educators

Ocean Optics has developed a new all-in-one spectrophotometer system for educators, the Flame-CHEM. The Flame-CHEM systems combine a high performance, compact Flame UV-Vis (200-850 nm) or Vis-NIR (350-1000 nm) spectrometer, with an all-in-one direct-attach light source and cuvette holder, into a single affordable package. Flame-CHEM systems are ideal for teaching regular absorbance and transmission measurements. Ocean Optics offers free curricula to facilitate student learning, or educators can design their own experiments. While conveniently pre-configured, the Flame-CHEM system also provides customization options to accommodate new lesson designs.

Affordable Ocean Optics Flame-CHEM combines spectrometer with light source and cuvette holder. Credit: Ocean Optics

The foundation of the Flame-CHEM system is the sensitive, fast and easy-to-use Flame spectrometer, which delivers high thermal stability with low unit to unit variability. Students will use the same instruments used by researchers and manufacturers in their labs and OEM product designs. Its robust construction withstands repeated student handling. There are no moving parts that can break or wear out.

The systems’ direct attach cuvette holders accept 1 cm pathlength cuvettes for measuring absorbance and transmission of liquid samples. The integrated light source is dependent on the system ordered. Flame-CHEM UV-Vis systems come with a combined deuterium-tungsten halogen (200-1100 nm) source; a tungsten halogen source with a violet LED (~390-1000 nm) is supplied with the Flame-CHEM Vis-NIR.

While preconfigured with all the accessories needed, the FLAME-CHEM systems can easily be customized, providing flexibility to develop new lessons with existing equipment. The light source-cuvette holder can be removed and discrete sampling devices used in its place; spectrometer entrance slits can be switched out to adjust the resolution and throughput; and discrete sampling devices used in place of the direct-attach accessories.

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