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Musco’s LED Lighting System Enhances Playability at Seminole County Sports Complex

This summer, athletes from the Southeast will enjoy a one-of-a-kind tournament experience at Seminole County Sports Complex, now that the 15-field facility has unveiled Musco’s Light-Structure Green™ LED system.

Musco's LED system sets a new standard for player visibility and energy efficiency (Credit: Business Wire)

"We are extremely excited to announce our partnership with Musco. After looking at several options, we are confident that Musco provides an unmatched lighting experience for the fans and players at our venue. This helps us solidify the Seminole County Sports Complex as a top tournament facility in our region, and an economic generator in our community," said Joe Abel, Director of Leisure Services, Seminole County.

A key challenge with the lighting of the complex was the facility’s close proximity to the Orlando-Sanford International Airport, as well as a nearby residential neighborhood. Musco’s patent-pending light management system uses customized optics to direct light with pinpoint precision without creating glare, spill, or disruptive skyglow for pilots.

Musco’s 40 years of application expertise and nearly a decade of designing systems around the LED light source has resulted in a system that significantly enhances playability – improving the vision of fielders, pitchers, and batters and their ability to track the flight of the ball.

In addition to reducing glare, the lighting system will provide a variety of benefits that improve the experience of players and fans and help the county manage the facility.

  • Operating Costs – saves $1,114,000 over the next decade
  • Visibility – enhances the player’s ability to track the flight of the ball
  • Energy Efficiency – cuts energy consumption by 64 percent compared to typical 1500-watt metal halide equipment
  • Reliability – provides a complete solution from foundation to poletop with structural, electrical, and lighting components engineered for trouble-free operation
  • Maintenance – eliminates maintenance with a 10-year parts and labor warranty backed by a team of area technicians
  • Facility Management – delivers usage reports and remote scheduling operation with Musco’s Control-Link® system via a smartphone app, 24/7 call center, and an easy to use web site

“We’ve spent 40 years designing solutions to meet the unique needs of sports facilities from energy conservation to reducing installation and operating costs,” said Jeff Rogers, Vice President, Musco Lighting. “Seminole County is one of the first, large-scale municipal facilities to install an LED system.”


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