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CooperVision Launches Biofinity Energys™ Contact Lenses Exclusively Designed for Frequent Digital Users

Biofinity Energys™ with Digital Zone Optics™ lens design were recently launched by CooperVision, Inc. These original contact lenses have been specifically designed from scratch for the numerous users of digital devices. The patent-pending contact lenses are integrated with a moisture-retaining material, a smooth, naturally wettable surface for prolonged comfort and advanced optical properties. They will hit the U.S market in a phased manner starting in July. They will also be sold in select stores in Europe later in the year.

Nearly seven in ten adults have experienced discomfort after extended usage of a digital device; however the common condition is frequently ignored as “normal” as people have gotten used to a digital lifestyle. Generally, people will sense discomfort after two or more hours of exposure to a digital screen. This discomfort is characterized by dryness, tiredness, and redness. Screen glare, prolonged exposure to bright light, and extended usage of device can lead to this problem. This sort of usage can also produce diverse degrees of physical discomfort, and could also lead to sluggishness, stress, and loss in productivity.

The discomfort is felt across all age groups. Studies reveal that over a third of Millennials use digital devices for nine or more hours each day. The outcome is about 68% to 88% of Millennials complain about dryness and eye tiredness symptoms.

CooperVision® Biofinity Energys™ contact lenses are meant for all-day wear, thus aiding people’s eyes to adapt well and effortlessly and continuously switch focus from digital devices to offline activities. When these Biofinity Energys™ lenses were tested for a week, eight out of ten digital device users claimed that their eyes felt less tired.

The performance and optimization of the lenses are centered on two factors. The Digital Zone Optics™ lens design is an innovative feature that combines a number of front-surface aspheric curves spread throughout the total optical zone. This simulates the ‘positive power’ in the center of the lens, which in turn helps to decrease strain on the eyes’ ciliary muscle as a person shifts their gaze from on-screen to off-screen and back with minimal effort.

The other factor is the Aquaform® Technology, which draws and binds water from the lens material to preserve moisture even when there is limited blinking, which is frequent with device use. This helps lessen the dry eyes condition, offering the breathability, hydration, and softness that healthy eyes require.

The lenses also integrate a smooth, naturally wettable surface design with a unique rounded edge. This decreases contact between the lens and the inner side of the eyelids, thus enhancing prolonged wearing comfort.

With the reliance on smartphones, tablets, laptops, in-car displays and more every day, we know that trying to change people’s behaviors — essentially asking them to scale back their device use or change how they interact with screens — has limited value. CooperVision committed itself to finding a better solution – one that could make a meaningful difference in people’s everyday lives.

Dr. Gary Orsborn, Vice President of Global Professional & Clinical Affairs for CooperVision.

“As a contact lens specifically designed for millions of digital device users, Biofinity Energys™ paves the way for meeting their demanding needs in a wholly new manner. Our research and development team broke new ground, discovering a way to address both optical and comfort aspects in a contact lens created to be worn throughout the day.”

Studies reveal that over 90% of adults use digital devices for more than two hours per day and about 60% of adults use digital devices for over five hours per day. Indiana University conducted a study which revealed that more than 75% of persons using digital devices complain of dryness and eye tiredness no less than once per week or more, and 35% once a day or more.

In spite of the increased usage, 90% of individuals fail to check with their eye care practitioner regarding their usage of digital devices for long hours, claims a study by The Vision Council.

As symptoms linking to device usage have not traditionally been spoken about in patients’ yearly eye exams, the issue regrettably has been considered an unavoidable part of present times.

There’s no reason for eye tiredness and dryness to be the ‘new normal’ for the millions of contact lens wearers who are looking at screens throughout the day. We’re going to be working in close partnership with eye care practitioners to raise awareness among patients about the effects of digital device use, as well as through outreach to the consumer electronics industry. CooperVision’s purpose is to help improve the way people see each day, and there’s more opportunity than ever before to help so many individuals lead a better life while still enjoying their digital devices.

Dr. Orsborn

The Biofinity Energys™ lenses have to be replaced every month, and need to taken care of in the same manner as other soft contact lenses, thus ensuring a healthier wearing experience. It is recommended that consumers consult with their eye care specialist before purchasing this or any other lens.

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