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Lumany Releases 400W HLM-NIR Series Infrared Laser Modules for Industrial, Biomedical and Defense Applications

Lumany, LLC, a leading developer of innovative light sources, announced today the release of its 400W HLM-NIR Series infrared laser modules for industrial materials processing, biomedical, and defense applications.

This new water-cooled platform provides an unmatched power and form-factor combination, featuring a footprint less than 1/10th the size of competing products. The semiconductor laser modules offer wall-plug efficiencies greater than 50%, and are available with collimated free space output or fiber delivery.

“The HLM-NIR Series utilizes our patent-protected technology to deliver wavelengths in the 790-1100nm range, which is particularly well suited for dermatology, marking, engraving, and night vision illumination,” said Robert Bagby, Chairman of Lumany. Bagby further commented, “The processes employed at Lumany deliver a robust, reliable and highly manufacturable design, with operating lifetimes in excess of 20,000 hours.”

The Lumany HLM-NIR Series delivers up to 400W of optical power in collimated free space output, or with a detachable fiber delivery, allowing for seamless integration into customer systems. Additional accessories such as monitor photodiode and thermistor are included in the module as well. Customized product configurations are available in the range of 635-690nm as well as 1200-1900nm.

About Lumany:

Established in 2011 in Costa Mesa, CA, Lumany designs and manufactures next-generation laser and illumination products for industrial, biomedical and defense & security applications. Leveraging an extensive intellectual property portfolio, company leadership includes photonics industry veterans and biomedical application experts. For additional information, please email [email protected], or visit


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