HumanEyes Technologies Creates Breakthrough Portable 360° 3D Vuze Camera

HumanEyes Technologies, a leader in photographic 3D, animated content and lenticular graphic arts has unveiled VUZE, the world's first consumer, portable 360° 3D VR camera and dedicated software studio that is set to bring immersive content creation to the masses.

VUZE the first consumer 360 3D Virtual Reality Camera

Priced under $1,000, the VUZE camera and software studio is both a technological breakthrough as well as a quantum leap forward for the industry that is currently only served by large, complicated devices requiring Hollywood blockbuster type budgets.

From image and video capture, footage editing or engaging playback, VUZE has revolutionized and simplified every aspect of capturing, sharing and enjoying 3D immersive pictures and videos to make it a truly universal consumer experience. It is the only company to provide a full "everything-you-need" VR Kit to consumers.

The VUZE Camera combines advanced 3D and 2D capture technology using 8 Full HD cameras within an easy-to-use 'point and shoot' form-factor. The VUZE Studio brings groundbreaking advances in 360 3D content creation with near real-time processing (1 minute per minute) and seamless stitching thanks to a proprietary technique called Adaptive Blending that mimics the way the human eye interacts with the brain to form pictures in the mind. Finally, the VUZE agnostic approach means content can be enjoyed on its own lightweight VR Headset or on ANY VR player, VR headset, cardboard or 3D device or TV.

VUZE CAMERA – Making 3D VR content easy as point and click

For the first time, ordinary consumers as well as professional photographers and movie makers are on an equal footing to create VR pictures or videos using the hand-held point-and-shoot VUZE camera. Featuring a stylish design the highly portable lightweight camera will be available in a variety of vibrant colors and comes with its own purposely engineered a versatile 'selfie stick" and tripod. Its battery and removable SD card can capture up to one hour of video allowing people to capture and relive every part of the world around them in breathtaking detail.

VUZE has been built on its own innovative technology architecture and is controlled by a dedicated iOS and Android app. Inside the device are 8 Full HD cameras that simultaneously capture images, videos and sound to facilitate full stereophonic and 360° 3D spherical content. Each camera uses ultra-wide and vertical angle lenses to capture 120° horizontal and 180° vertical images and together generate 4K VR content. Within the app, users can see any of the 8 camera views as well as preview and delete content. VUZE can capture both 2D and 3D 360° spherical images and videos and can effortlessly switch between the two. Finally, its powerful internal processing and compression capabilities render easy-to-edit H.264 HD video files that transfer to users' home computers and laptops.

VUZE STUDIO  Makers Every Movie Makers

Leveraging 15 years of proven software expertise, the VUZE Studio is one of the most sophisticated processing, editing and sharing suites available. Whether an expert or complete editing novice, it makes it easy to quickly create and share High Res Virtual Reality videos. Available on both PC and MAC, it boasts near real-time processing (1 minute per minute) and seamless stitching thanks to a proprietary technique called Adaptive Blending.

Conventional stitching techniques merge images together at regular linear points which can result in images appearing slightly disjointed when they intersect detailed or complicated objects. Adaptive Blending solves this by identifying objects the human eye is drawn to such as straightedges, light contrasts and faces, then blends around them to create a seamless stitched image. Just as the brain fills in information delivered by the eyes, VUZE Studio combines captured images with intelligence to form a perfect picture. In addition to Adaptive Blending, the VUZE Studio features:

  • Camera calibration
  • Vignette, fisheye and perspective correction
  • White balance and exposure correction that supports separate manipulation of left & right panorama spheres to ensure consistent correction between left & right panoramas
  • 3D 360 video stabilization without cropping
  • Stereo alignment for consistent parallax
  • Near real-time processing – 1 minute per 1 minute of footage
  • A variety of editing capabilities including: Insertion of objects, images and text (including 3D) and with stereo effect, embedding logos in the nadir (bottom) and changing the field of view of 360 x 180 degrees scene, adding 3D text and objects

Once created, VUZE VR movie files can be exported to play on an ANY VR player VR glasses, cardboard or 3D enabled device or TV as well as its own VR head-mounted glasses.

"We are delighted to be unveiling VUZE and excited to expand the appeal of immersive content to everyday consumers," said Shahar Bin-Nun, CEO HumanEyes Technologies. "VUZE has the potential to revolutionize the way people take, share and experience pictures and video. We believe VUZE is creating a pivotal moment in the consumer adoption of 3D VR technologies and we look forward to forging this evolving ecosystem and industry over the coming years."

VUZE was created by HumanEyes Technologies, a pioneer in photographic 3D, animated content creation, printing, display and processing in lenticular graphic arts. Founded in 2000 by Prof. Shmuel Peleg of the Hebrew University, a world renowned expert in computer vision and image processing, the leadership team behind VUZE includes other notable industry visionaries including Benny Landa. Known as the father of digital printing Landa was the former co-founder and CEO Indigo Digital Printing acquired by HP in 2002.

VUZE will be available in August 2016 priced under $1000. It will be bundled with its own purposely engineered versatile ''selfie stick" and tripod, VR head-mounted goggles and access to the VUZE Studio software suite.


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