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THine, Hirose Electric Offer HD Interface Technology Solution for Automotive SVM Systems

THine Electronics, Inc., the global leader in high-speed serial interface and provider of mixed-signal LSI today announced its collaborative exhibition of HD interface technology for automotive surround-view-monitor (SVM) systems with Hirose Electric Co., Ltd. at International CES2016, held at Las Vegas, USA from January 6th to 9th, 2016.

This SVM system will be exhibited at Hirose Electric’s Booth 73563 (Wearables Marketplace) at Hall A-C, Sands Expo (Tech West).

Automotive SVM systems reconfigure images captured by cameras on all four sides into bird’s-eye view images, requiring higher resolution year by year. THine has developed the high-definition resolution data transmission system for automotive SVM system. This technology can be achieved by the brand-new V-by-One®HS products, THCV231/THCV236 that can transmit full-HD data by either a twisted-pair (TP) cable or single coaxial cable, and also by Hirose Electric’s highly-reliable coaxial connectors that support automotive application. THine’s SVM system, supported by these technical values, enables to transmit high-resolution moving images from cameras to distanced processing boards without increasing the number of cables and save the space for connectors, compared to generally used ones. These features are expected to contribute to reduce system costs without increasing weight of cables and fuel consumptions.

THine plans to deliver the value of high-speed interface solution for high-definition cameras worldwide with Hirose Electric, starting from CES2016. Furthermore, THine plans to deliver sample LSIs of its advanced SVM that can reduce the memory capacity drastically into one-fourth or one-third of generally required large memory sizes, contributing to cost reduction. The SVM system, exhibited at CES2016, is also applicable to many markets other than automotive, for example, to construction machineries for monitoring the surrounding situations deeply of such worksites.

THine intends to deliver new values added by its developing technology in a timely manner, supporting the market trends of requiring higher resolution for automotive cameras, including automotive SVM systems.


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