The Penetration of LEDs into the Projection Market

Research and Markets has announced the addition of 2006 LED Projection Report to their offering.

The Need:

Virtually all microdisplay-based projection systems built to date have used an HID lamp such as the UHP as a light source. LEDs are beginning to appear as light sources to replace lamps. There is a need for an evaluation of LEDs in terms of technology, price and performance and to compare these parameters to the existing arc lamp sources and forecast the penetration of LEDs into the projection markets.

Report Objective:

The objective of this report is to supply managers, product planners, engineers and researchers with the information needed to evaluate LED technology in proposed projection displays. The required information needed to make these decisions includes performance data, cost information and availability. Key to understanding these parameters is optical modeling of projection systems to determine how LED light can be coupled into the etendue of the projection system.

LED performance is expected to improve dramatically over the next several years. One objective of this report is to determine when it will be feasible to introduce LEDs into any particular market segment of the projection market, in competition with HID lamps and lasers.


  • Coverage of the use of LEDs in displays, including both benefits and problems
  • A description of current inorganic LED technology for high-brightness visible-light LEDs
  • Analysis of optics of projection systems that can use LED illumination, including similarities and differences between optics for LED, laser and HID lamp-based projectors.
  • A technology forecast for LEDs including what changes in the technology can be expected through 2010.
  • Brightness increase forecast for LEDs.
  • A description of the current and future packaging technologies for high-brightness LEDs
  • A technology forecast for LED-based projection systems
  • Price forecasts for LED illumination subsystems for projection displays. All prices are forecast through 2010.
  • Complete profiles of 6 high-brightness LED manufacturers
  • Complete profiles of 7 additional companies involved in LED projection

The main body of the report contains 66 figures and 22 tables. The profiles section contains a rich assortment of figures, tables and other data on the profiled companies.

Who Should Buy:

  • This report should be purchased by anyone considering a projection system based on LED illumination.
  • The report will be of value to people planning research, development or manufacturing of products utilizing LED illumination.
  • Product managers and product planners in display systems.
  • Engineers and researchers involved in LED projection systems.
  • Anyone interested in high-brightness visible-light LEDs.

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