Fairlight Selects Incom’s Fused Fiber Optics for Next-Generation Human-Machine Interfaces

Incom, the world's largest supplier of fused fiber optic solutions, today announced it has been chosen as the strategic provider of fused fiber optics in an innovative cadre of variable, tactile user-interface technologies for consumer and commercial dynamic digital display systems by Fairlight, a leading supplier of adaptive control surfaces and digital audio/video production equipment.

Incom's fused fiber optics are key components of Fairlight's Picture Key Technology, which completely transform the look, feel and function of digital displays; providing multi-level menu based content (usually only found in touch screen displays) with the confidence, accuracy, speed and safety of tactile buttons and controls.

"We haven't found another company in the world that can provide the cost-effective, precision fused fiber optic solutions that Incom can," said Tino Fibaek, CTO for Fairlight. "Continuing a long tradition of technological innovation, Fairlight has taken the concept of user interfaces to a new dimension with patented Picture Key Technology, and Incom is a critical component to our success."

Incom's fused fiber optic solutions are key components of Fairlight's Picture Key Technology, which can be used in an endless number of applications that include such industries as automotive, building automation, military, aeronautics, office automation, medical, process control and any other human interface where users benefit from an adaptive tactile interface.

Fairlight's Picture Key Technology, using Incom's superior quality fused fiber optics, enable console panels, buttons, keys and/or knobs to instantly change label and function, depending on the task at hand, which results in significantly faster workflows, better performance and assured accuracy due to the tactile nature that only a tactile key can provide.

"Fairlight has been one of Incom's strongest partners: our technologies have changed the face of displays across countless global consumer/commercial industries," said Michael A. Detarando, CEO and president for Incom. "Incom fused fiber optics transfer an image from one surface to another, allowing for crisp, programmable digital displays with reliable tactile feedback. Each key's shape, appearance and mapping can be customized for a unique user experience."

Incom's fused fiber optics seamlessly transfer images into places that traditional displays could never fit, at a fraction of what it would cost to design the display from scratch. Visit Incom in booth 641 at SID #DisplayWeek2015 (@DisplayWeek) for briefings and demos.

Source: http://www.incomusa.com/

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