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DELTA Offers 11 Year Warranty on Their Optical Filters

DELTA optical filters now come with an extended warranty of 11 years - the longest in the industry. This ensures that users can be confident of the durability of their filters, even in extreme environmental conditions.

No matter if you are one of our OEM customers or an end user. One of your main concerns certainly is the quality and longevity of the optical filters you use in your instrument. At DELTA we know this and accommodate your need for security.

In many optical instruments, optical filters are core components that determine the instrument's over-all performance. As such, complex high-performance filters can be a major cost factor in the system design. You want this investment well protected.

Instruments are often exposed to varying environmental conditions such as temperature or humidity. You cannot accept varying filter performance or quality degradation over time depending on where or under which conditions you use your filters. You want stability.

Feel Safe with DELTA's UHC-Technology

Not so many years ago optical filters were consumables that needed replacement depending on their usage. It was also common that the spectral performance changed with temperature and humidity. Even today these types of filters are still present in the market place.

Not so at DELTA! Already in 2005, DELTA successfully produced optical filters with the Ultra-Hard-Coated technology. Ultra-Hard-Coated (UHC) filters are produced with an advanced plasma process that enables a much higher packing density than traditional hard coatings do.
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The coating is deposited on one single substrate and hence does not make use of glue. The resulting filter is exceptionally robust and can stand intense laser light and humidity without losing its performance.

The graph to the left shows the extreme stability and robustness of Ultra-Hard-Coated filters. After having undergone an environmental test, the spectrum of our UHC filter is not altered.

11 Years - The Industry's Longest Warranty

At DELTA we produce your filters to the highest technical standards. All our design and production processes are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 by Bureau Veritas. Every produced filter can be tracked back to the raw materials used.

We are so confident with the long term quality and stability of our filters that we want you to experience the same confidence. Therefore, we warrant our UHC-filters -
including our unique Linear Variable Filters - for 11 years. For details of the warranty please refer to our webpage.

Our warranty gives you the certainty that your DELTA filters will always perform like on the first day and that they do not need to be changed during the lifetime of your instrument, which also results in lower cost of ownership for you.


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