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Acclaim Lighting Offers Flex Line of Low-Profile LED Circuit Strip

Acclaim Lighting, a leader in innovative and advanced lighting technology, offers its Flex line of low-profile LED circuit strip, which can be cut to any length needed to provide high-output lighting in a variety of cove, millwork, signage and other applications.

Flex low-profile LED circuit strip is available in a variety of models, including Flex II SO (standard output), Flex II HO (high output), Flex III (high CRI) and Flex LED WP RGB. Each model, housed in a UV-coated, flexible silicone jacket, provides a 120-degree beam angle while operating off of 12-volt DC power. The Flex II SO and Flex II HO exterior or Flex II and III interior models come in 16.4-foot (5-meter) -long spools, and the Flex LED WP RGB in a 10-foot-long spool. The Flex II SO offers IP 65 wet-location ratings, and the Flex II HO has indoor or IP 68 wet-location ratings, including the ability to handle submersion to 3 feet. The Flex III is a high-CRI series for indoor use, and the Flex LED WP RGB offers IP 65 wet-location ratings.

The Flex II SO consumes 2.4 watts of power per foot while providing color temperatures of 2,700, 3,000, 4,000 and 6,000 K as well as blue-light temperatures. Flex II HO, providing the same color temperatures, consumes 3 watts per foot. Both the SO and HO models can be dimmed via magnetic low voltage (MLV) or triode for alternating current (TRIAC). Flex II SO has cut points at each inch to customize its length, while Flex II HO has cut points every 2 inches.

The Flex III is the newest high-output Flex series offering, delivering >96 CRI and available in 2,700k, 3,000k and 3,500k with a high output of 6 watts per foot operating at 24-volt DC. The Flex III can be cut every 2 inches.

Flex Tape WP RGB, working off of a red-green-blue color scale, allows for custom color mixing and can be cut in 2-inch increments. It offers 12-volt DC constant voltage dimming control and has a 30,000-hour life. The model comes with a mounting and resealing kit.

Acclaim lighting also offers a variety of mounting channels and lens options for the Flex series, allowing users to cleanly and discretely install the products into a variety of applications for indirect or direct view, surface-mount or recessed.

For more information on the Flex II SO, Flex II HO, Flex III and Flex Tape WP RGB LED circuit strips, contact Acclaim Lighting at 323-213-4626 or visit

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