Acacia’s 100G Coherent Module, a Commercial Hit in Optic Transmission

Acacia Communications designs and develops intelligent subsystems that enhance high-speed fiber optic transmissions in local, metro, long-haul, and ultra-long haul applications. The 100 G subsystems are expected to increase to a rate of $2.5 billion per year within the next three years.

The market presence, performance, ease of installation, and the reduced cost of 100 G subsystems make them preferred by carriers, internet service providers, and data center operators all over the world. Many are on the move for updation from 10 G and 40 G systems to 100 G systems.

The growth of video and IP traffic among business and consumer devices has also created a demand in the increase of bandwidth and this transition in the communication industry has necessitated Acacia Communications to deploy its AC100 coherent modules in optical network facilities installed in almost all the places across the globe.

The AC100 module features soft-decision forward error correction, comprehensive performance monitoring that accelerates system and link information, and intelligent digital signal processing capabilities. The fast and wide polarization mode dispersion (FMD) compensation range of AC100 enhances the transfer rate of 100 G over fiber links that can hardly support 10 G. The 100 G module is OIF certified for its less power consumption factor.

Raj Shanmugaraj, President and CEO of Acacia Communications is overwhelmed with joy at the success of the company’s100 G module. He is proud of the longest 100 G network made possible with the breakthrough module featuring 24-span, 2500-km all optical path via 9 ROADMs.

Benny Mikkelsen, Founder and CTO of Acacia will be addressing the 6th Annual Market Focus session at ECOC 2012, Amsterdam that is scheduled for September 18. He is expected to enlighten the listeners with his report, "100G Coherent Transceiver Technologies for DWDM Metro Applications: Key requirements and Design Trends."


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