New Lasers for High-Precision Applications

JDSU will be highlighting new commercial lasers at this week's Photonics West conference in the San Jose Convention Center. JDSU's booth will feature multiple commercial laser and optical communications solutions that support a wide range of applications, including microelectronic, biophotonics and inspection, among others.

Technology that will be showcased includes:

  • L4 Series: JDSU's next-generation laser diode platform that includes a 10 Watt 9xx nm fiber-coupled diode laser. This new diode laser provides the most powerful solution available in the industry for medical, industrial and direct diode applications at affordable prices.
  • FCD505: A technology demonstration of the newest member of the FCD platform, a 20 mw, 505nm cw laser. An elegant, fiber-based laser, the FCD 505nm cw employs integrated JDSU telecom technologies and offers improved design flexibility, electrical efficiency and increased reliability.
  • QXT: A technology demonstration of JDSU's next generation Q-switched UV laser. Providing >24W of average power @ 355 nm in a high quality beam, the QXT is ideal for high-throughput semiconductor and microelectronics material processing.

JDSU has a long history of laser technology innovation, foreseeing application trends and delivering solutions that satisfy customers' needs, as well as helping them move through industry-wide technology transitions like the current shift from infrared to UV. As feature size gets smaller and the need for precision grows, JDSU products stand out from the competition because of their distinguishing design features, which give them greater reliability and precision.

Other product demonstrations will include the QSi laser, which is ideal for memory repair, microelectronics applications, and solar cell scribing; the FCD488; and the industry-leading L3 diode laser platforms.

"We have an excellent opportunity at Photonics West to showcase the unique development capabilities that a broad-based company like JDSU brings to the industry. Product platforms such as the FCD cw visible laser and QXT high-power UV laser can serve an array of OEM markets from biotechnology to microelectronic material processing," said Len Marabella, director of marketing for JDSU's commercial lasers product group.

JDSU experts also will present a variety of papers and will chair several sessions on topics that include:

  • Q-switched fiber lasers with controlled pulse shape
  • Power scaling of fiber-based amplifiers seeded by microchip lasers
  • Pulse energy and pulse width control in high-power, internally frequency converted, Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers
  • Solid-state 488nm laser based on external-cavity frequency doubling of a multi-longitudinal mode semiconductor laser
  • High-power, high-efficiency fiber-coupled multimode laser-diode pump module (800-1000nm) with high-reliability
  • OPS lasers and VECSELs (session chair)
  • Applications of solid state lasers (session chair)
  • Diode laser systems and pump modules (session chair)

View JDSU's demonstrations at Photonics West booth #1327.

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