Timbercon Unveils PRIZM LightTurn Cable Assemblies at OFC/NFOEC Tradeshow

Timbercon, a manufacturer of fiber optics product and solutions, has recently declared the availability of the PRIZM LightTurn cable assemblies at the OFC/NFOEC tradeshow in Los Angeles, California.

Timbercon Announces the New PRIZM® LightTurn® Cable Assemblies

The US Conec’s PRIZM LightTurn is a right angle connector interfacing with the Avago MiniPOD, MicroPOD, and several other high density transceivers.

The PRIZM LightTurn 12-fiber connector is made up of a multi-fiber floating ferrule, equipped with a photonic TIR lens. The exceptional perpendicular mating capability enhances the real-estate potential on dense printed circuit boards through excellent cable management. It enables tight spacing of transceiver modules within the board instead of using highly demanded and inadequate parallel edge-mount solutions. It also facilitates simplified, cost effective termination without the need for fiber polishing and easy testing. The PRIZM will be integrated into the MTP via the cable assembly.

According to the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, John Lee, Timbercon is capable of presenting one more customizable solution for high density applications by integrating the unique capabilities of termination and cable assembly with US Conec's unique PRIZM LightTurn connector. PRIZM LightTurn cable assemblies have been demonstrated in applications such as supercomputers, networking, and military applications for intricate environments.

The PRIZM LightTurn cable assemblies are currently being showcased at the OFC/NFOEC, March 6-8, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.

US Conec’s registered trademarks include PRIZM LightTurn and MTP, whereas MicroPOD and MiniPOD are trademarks of Avago.

Source: http://www.timbercon.com/

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