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Canon U.S.A Launches REALiS Installation LCOS Projectors

Canon U.S.A, renowned for digital imaging solutions, has launched the radiant REALiS Installation LCOS Projectors. These projectors were specifically designed to offer unique display performance, benefiting a variety of professional AV markets.

Following the addition of several exceptional features, the new REALiS WUX5000 and WUX5000 D Installation LCOS Projectors employ the company’s advanced fourth-generation Aspectual Illumination System (AISYS) optical technology to increase the display efficiency of their advanced Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) imaging panels, considerably. The projectors, through this integration, generate higher-than-HD-resolution (1920x1200) widescreen video and still images in 16:10 ratio with an increased brightness level of 5000 lm, thereby enhancing the versatility.

Canon’s portfolio has been supplemented with the addition of the novel REALiS WUX5000 and REALiS WUX5000 D LCOS Projectors. In addition, few more upcoming projectors in this product line are the LV-7590, REALiS WUX4000, and REALiS WUX4000 D.

The REALiS WUX5000 Installation LCOS Projector is comprised of an incorporated Canon Color-Correction IC and 3D color LUT to manage six-axis color. These exceptional features make the projector proficient enough to generate high-resolution video and computer signals with superior display of movement, sharper blacks, accurate color, and crisp contrast. Furthermore, low-contrast scenes in movies can be improved with vibrant gamma feature, and the desired colors can be selected and saved with a Memory Color Correction feature. The significance of the projector is further enhanced with dynamic features including Vivid Photo, Presentation, and Photo/sRGB.

The REALiS WUX5000 D Installation LCOS Projector includes the attributes of WUX5000 model and a DICOM Simulation mode that can reproduce medical images such as MRI images X-Rays, and CAT scans.



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